I listen to things, 3

@ftrain on the Vergecast

Listening to Paul Ford and Nilay Patel talking about online communities. They’re talking about small groups of people who share Plex passwords, and log into each other’s Plex servers to watch pirated TV/movies/etc.

I’ve used Plex for years and it has never occurred to me to share the password or get a password for someone else’s. Plex is just its own thing, for me, like my TiVo or my iTunes collection.

I’m reminded of Google Reader shutting down and the howls from people who said “I made so many friends on GR! How can you take it away?!!” I had never noticed the social part. I was just using it to skim as many headlines as I could. ”Whaddya mean there’s people chatting, under the hood?”

Always missing the fun part, that’s me!

They’re also discussing Dunbar’s number, and that in Paul’s opinion a fun community really should probably max out at 30, which is not enough to pay the bills, if you’re trying to monetize the group.

Tumblrrs seems like it’s the right size, to me.

(UPDATE: a couple of minutes later Paul mentions “private Slacks” for just goofing off with friends. Phew.)

Cordcutting, again

This post is another note-to-self, because everybody has their own must-haves and don’t-cares with this stuff. tl;dr – look into AT&T’s WatchTV if you decide to buy a streaming package again.

I thought Philo was the only super-low-cost provider, because they only provide the Discovery/Scripps channels. As I’ve said before, I only needed streaming versions of HGTV and Food Network to convince T to cancel cable, so Philo got us there.

In the wake of Philo going to $20/mo (though we could be grandfathered in to the $16/mo tier), the content farms are churning out new “who’s the best?” articlettes. This one at cnet opened my eyes to AT&T’s WatchTV.

Notably, for only $15/mo they’re carrying those D/Scripps channels and Turner’s big three – TBS/TNT/TCM. (TCM would go a long way towards entertaining Mom and Marshall when they visit. Last time they were here we ultimately landed on a combo of pro golf (no one here cares about golf) and a YouTube livestream from Big Cat Rescue.)

Notwithstanding all of that.. I suspended our Philo account about a week before their $20/mo announcement because T hasn’t even been watching those two channels she said she wanted… she’s turning into one of these YouTube zombies!