End-of-week desktop dump

Things I meant to post this week


apple preferences, when given d-i-c, suggest a profanity filter

Seems like that (supposed) Dr Johnson quote where he zings the lady for looking up curse words is somehow appropriate here.


tweet from Ian Bogost about LAX airport and its

I never really thought about the failed Great Promise Of The Internet as a subset of anything else, but this @ibogost quote made me realize I was wrong; it’s part of a vaster and more terrible regression — the “failure to realize the promises of the mid century.”


If you’re in the right frame of mind (3G&Ts deep), we sort of already live in a Star Wars (or Arrakis).


Elvis Costello and friends (Bacharach, McCartney, Dylan, Cash.) had an EP on Record Store Day this year that is now on the streaming sites. Recommended if you like mid-career EC. (I do. The first track showed up on my Release Radar this week. “Everyone’s Playing House.”)

Lemon Alphabet

We harvested a dozen lemons from the tree by the front door. At a loss for ideas of how to use so many, quickly. A co-worker of T’s suggested squeezing them and pouring the juice into ice-cube trays for long-term storage.

I had juiced 3 or 4 before I realized we don’t have any normal ice trays, just a few novelty silicone ones.

Ice is ice; they’ll work. I knew that being floppy silicone they’d be tough to fill THEN carry to the freezer, so I got an old beat-up CorningWare dish and put A-through-I in it. Filled the letters right to the top; a bit spilled over. Repeated with J-through-Q and R-through-Z, for a single three-layer stack.

Once they were frozen I was able to reclaim some space in the freezer by removing the CorningWare.

I guess I spilled more than I’d realized.