Lemon Alphabet

We harvested a dozen lemons from the tree by the front door. At a loss for ideas of how to use so many, quickly. A co-worker of T’s suggested squeezing them and pouring the juice into ice-cube trays for long-term storage.

I had juiced 3 or 4 before I realized we don’t have any normal ice trays, just a few novelty silicone ones.

Ice is ice; they’ll work. I knew that being floppy silicone they’d be tough to fill THEN carry to the freezer, so I got an old beat-up CorningWare dish and put A-through-I in it. Filled the letters right to the top; a bit spilled over. Repeated with J-through-Q and R-through-Z, for a single three-layer stack.

Once they were frozen I was able to reclaim some space in the freezer by removing the CorningWare.

I guess I spilled more than I’d realized.